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Aguamarina S.A. is a company that offers biotechnology services and products, in constant search towards developing improved and innovating processes, and supported by a team of experienced and highly knowledgeable experts. We are committed to R&D and have obtained government support through programs Innova of Corfo and Fondef of Conycit. Aguamarina S.A. has developed innovative services and products for large scale mining designed to streamline processes, reduce costs and ensure environmental conservation. Located in the city of Antofagasta, the mining center of Chile, Aguamarina S.A. provides services such as evaluation, monitoring and research in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. It also provides services in Biocorrosion and Biomining. In order to do so, Aguamarina S.A.has the best professionals in the industry, state of the art technology and a fully equipped bioanalysis laboratory.

What sets us apart

The Antofagasta region has the largest copper deposits in Chile and the world. It is also a great natural laboratory for research in Biomining. AguaMarina is there to provide innovative and timely solutions to large scale mining.

  • Well stablished track record. Its numerous clients guarantee the experience and track record of Aguamarina in the field of Biomining
  • Top level scientific and professional team. The team consists of professionals from different specialties and background. Some of them, trained in the best universities in Japan, USA and England.
  • High specialization. Product of its constant interaction with mining companies, Aguamarina can deliver the best available biotechnological applications.
  • Total customer orientation. The company delivers quality service to the requirements of their customers, among which are the major mining companies in the country.
  • Technological resources. Online information for customers, with the progress and results of their projects. The first private laboratory in northern Chile, which conducts ITS and DGGE analysis, among other molecular techniques.
  • Network & Contacts: Aguamarina has an extensive contact network with high level research centers in Japan, Usa and Germany. It also has close ties with government agencies such as CORFO, CONICYT, the National Energy Commission, and local and national universities, among others.